HardWood you Believe It?

Interior design has become a massive industry in the last few years. People are very house proud and rightly so. we all spend the vast majority of our income on our homes so we want them to look and feel fantastic and homely.

A fantastic trend that seems to be increasing is the use of real wood and homemade frames on a global scale. This comes hand in hand with producers and suppliers offering a much more sustainable and viable offer to consumers who want to move away from mass produced, poor quality substitutes. This offers an attractive alternative.

The beauty of real wood cannot be underestimated and it offers an invidual and unique product every time with every cut. No two pieces will be the same and the age and character of the wood really shines through as a contemporary yet timeless decorative feature.

The great things about the craftsmen and women who produce these stunning photo and picture frames is that they can provide bespoke products. What this means is that you can pretty much ask for excatly what you want. You are not a slave to the mass produced market that offers a bleak and predictable collection of the same old poor quality, plastic ridden, flimsy frames.

stairway to oak heaven

For example oak picture frames can be crafted to display your favourite photos, a graduation certificate or even left empty as they are a great attractive edition to a living space. The sustainable aspects of the raw materials are carefully controlled by national bodies that work tirelessly to assure that the wood sourced is environmentally sound with the longevity of various species of tree in mind. Long term sustainability is paramount.

An individual real hardwood frame provides beauty, style and a unique addition and is a perfect addition to any home.

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