Electric Scooters for Kids

A lot of the early development of kids scooters in the modern era has focused on manual models. This isn’t surprising as the majority of sales come from this area of the market. However there has been an increasing awareness that the electric scooter for kids also has a place in the market to enable more children to enjoy this great outdoor hobby.

The great thing about the electric scooter is that it makes enjoyment much more accessible for children who perhaps aren’t as mobile as their friends. The cool and innovative designs look great and they can often be customised too to add that extra special touch.

The main differences between the electric and the manual stunt scooter is mainly the fact that one has an electric motor and the other relies on leg pushing power! Pretty obvious really.

These powered scooters can reach speeds of up to 10km per hour and can travel long distances on the single charge. The scooter itself is much more sturdy and safety conscious. They usaully have a set of 4 wheeels, 2 at the front and 2 at the back, that tend to be wider and larger to help ensure stability and balance.

Blue razor electric scooter with seat for kids

The majority of the big brand models also have the option of a seat too for added ride comfort. The braking systems are a lot more advanced too as they are more necessary in order to stop the generation of the power created by the motor.

Whilst the electric scooter will never have a home on the half pipe or been seen at the X Games it’s definitely got a place in the hearts of kids. They make great gifts as well, and Christmas sees a surge in their sales. More importantly they provide accessibility that can help to overcome the physical and emotional traumas of a disability and helps to prevent children being left out of playing outside with their friends.

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