Engagement Rings and Where to Propose

The Best Place to Get your Partner to Say “Yes”

So they say that diamonds are a girls best friend. It comes to pass that you can become much more than friends if you get one of those diamonds and get it on an engagement ring. Asuming they say yes of course!

There are hundreds of methods and situations that people suggest are perfect for popping the question. The one answer for you though is, whatever you think is right.

So you’re armed with a bunch of flowers, plenty of anti-perspirant and a dazzling engagement ring and what do you do? What’s the perfect scenario for you?

Think romance. Think of your time together. Where have you visited that brings back happy, fond memories? Are you on a dream, once in a lifetime trip that is fulfilling a lifelong wish? Have you returned to the place you first met, a place close to both your hearts (possibly not courtside at a basketball game) and the moment is just perfect?

Then that’s the perfect time.

A Keep Calm and Say Yes tshirt might break the ice of a proposal

Don’t take your sweater off too soon!

Don’t over think it. The chances are that if you’re taking the time to propose that you should know each other pretty well. You’ll hopefully get the answer you deserve and this will be the start of a long and beatiful time in your lives.

Just so you can avoid being a cliche – or perhaps you want to join in these are the top (global) 5 locations for marriage proposals:

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Paris
  3. New York
  4. Italy
  5. Niagra Falls
Niagra falls is a perfect location to propose

Don’t drop the ring in the water!

Now you might have to have a bit of spare money (after shelling out on the asscher cut engagement ring she casually pointed out when passing the jewelery store!) to pull off a great proposal at one of these locations but unless you’re a promiscuous, never happy with what you’ve got, celebrity then you really should only be doing this once!