Hip Hop Hip Op

Hip replacement is becoming more and more prevalent in the developed world. It is amongst one of the most frequently carried out procedures in those over 65 years of age and can be attributed to improving the quality of life of thousands of patients undergoing the surgery.

hip joint

The need for surgery however is never always the case. Fortunately sometimes a course of physical therapy along with smaller lifestyle changes, diet and specific exercises can negate the need for the procedure. However, when a hip replacement is required it can be due to a number of factors. These include osteoporosis, accident related bone damage and other degenerative conditions.

A full hip replacement is not always necessary but a complete one will give the best results over the course of time. The procedure itself is carried out on the ball and socket joint at the top of the leg and recovery time after the op will include relatively long periods of recuperation due to the delicate nature of the op.

The artificial replacements used can be made of numerous different materials such as plastic or metal, with the different materials being more appropriate for different age groups and circumstances. There are a number of major companies involved in the manufacturer of these medical devices and some have received criticism in the past few years for a low quality of product that has been known to fail.

A failure of the replacement joint can lead to obvious complications that can obviously cause more harm and suffering, but these cases are thankfully rare.

The advantages of a hip replacement procedure far outweight the risks – these are interment with revery medical procedure – and although the patient may spend 3 or 4 days in hospital after surgery they can quickly start to regain movement and freedom that they would not have had immediately before the operation. Long term benefits to patients are a testament to the overall success of this type of operation.

Diet is Only a Part of the Solution

A diet should only ever be seen as a small part of making a positive change in your life. The real fundamental commitment comes from within your mind, your behaviour, your enthusiasm and your commitment to change.

A 2 week diet may well give short term gains for an immediate event such as a wedding or other big social event but a bigger change comes in setting higher standards for yourself and a long term goal. A new diet means making more changes than just shifting eating habits. It is a shift in lifestyle than can easily be adapted to fit in with your current activities and actions.

weight loss message

An exercise regime, or at least a routine, goes hand in hand with a new diet. The 2 together are a potent combination if used in the right way. Learn how to marry the 2 together and it can be a much quciker and ultimately more successful path you follow. It’s easier if you enjoy the path so make it a mission not only for your body but for your mind.

The mind is often underestimated when controlling weight loss and health kicks. It’s all well and good breaking bad habits and forging good ones but if you are ultimately not feeding you mind with positivity as well as you body you will fail. You may suceed in the short term, but in the long term you will fail.

Habitual changes need to become part of your life. You need to reach a point where you are no longer categorising yourself as someone who is on a diet. You are just someone who eats healthily and exercises for enjoyment and pleasure. This is a lifestyle shift and a psychological shift that allows you to free yourself from the shackles and the pressure of a diet. Short term changes will lead to lifelong benefits for you, your family and your future.

HardWood you Believe It?

Interior design has become a massive industry in the last few years. People are very house proud and rightly so. we all spend the vast majority of our income on our homes so we want them to look and feel fantastic and homely.

A fantastic trend that seems to be increasing is the use of real wood and homemade frames on a global scale. This comes hand in hand with producers and suppliers offering a much more sustainable and viable offer to consumers who want to move away from mass produced, poor quality substitutes. This offers an attractive alternative.

The beauty of real wood cannot be underestimated and it offers an invidual and unique product every time with every cut. No two pieces will be the same and the age and character of the wood really shines through as a contemporary yet timeless decorative feature.

The great things about the craftsmen and women who produce these stunning photo and picture frames is that they can provide bespoke products. What this means is that you can pretty much ask for excatly what you want. You are not a slave to the mass produced market that offers a bleak and predictable collection of the same old poor quality, plastic ridden, flimsy frames.

stairway to oak heaven

For example oak picture frames can be crafted to display your favourite photos, a graduation certificate or even left empty as they are a great attractive edition to a living space. The sustainable aspects of the raw materials are carefully controlled by national bodies that work tirelessly to assure that the wood sourced is environmentally sound with the longevity of various species of tree in mind. Long term sustainability is paramount.

An individual real hardwood frame provides beauty, style and a unique addition and is a perfect addition to any home.

Key Related Panic

There is nothing quite like the panic of losing your keys. This could be for your house or your car, but for that moment it really does seem like the worse thing that can happen in the world!

fred fintstone locked out of his house

Luckily help is always at hand. It’s a lot easier these days to get hold of an emergency locksmith on your phone. Google search is putting all the best local tradesman at your fingertips. The local search that it now uses on smart mobile technology means tradesman local to you will be appearing at the top of search engines to help you out.

A mobile locksmith usually operate on a 24 hour emergency call out basis so you’ll always be able to find someone to call and help. Most of these skilled locksmiths will be able to help with both residential and auto lock related problems and issues.

They can help to provide immediate assistance and give you the peace of mind you need. If you’ve lost your keys and find yourself locked out of your home or car they can quickly – using their own methods – gain access and then resecure the property or your prized motor.

As well as offering help in emergencys, locksmiths will be able to help with supplying and replacing old and worn locking mechanisms, providing additonal security benefits and some can also crack safes as well!

A local locksmith should always offer a guarantee with the their work and can often be relied on to provide an ongoing maintenance service for you too.

Commercial properties can also benefit from being protected by additional security measure such as improved CCTV systems and employee recognition door locks. Technology is improving all the time and this can be put to good use. Providing a safe and secure working environment is paramount to the ongoing success of a business and the well being of employees. An expert locksmith will be able to source and fit these after analysis of your exisiting needs and requirments.

Electric Scooters for Kids

A lot of the early development of kids scooters in the modern era has focused on manual models. This isn’t surprising as the majority of sales come from this area of the market. However there has been an increasing awareness that the electric scooter for kids also has a place in the market to enable more children to enjoy this great outdoor hobby.

The great thing about the electric scooter is that it makes enjoyment much more accessible for children who perhaps aren’t as mobile as their friends. The cool and innovative designs look great and they can often be customised too to add that extra special touch.

The main differences between the electric and the manual stunt scooter is mainly the fact that one has an electric motor and the other relies on leg pushing power! Pretty obvious really.

These powered scooters can reach speeds of up to 10km per hour and can travel long distances on the single charge. The scooter itself is much more sturdy and safety conscious. They usaully have a set of 4 wheeels, 2 at the front and 2 at the back, that tend to be wider and larger to help ensure stability and balance.

Blue razor electric scooter with seat for kids

The majority of the big brand models also have the option of a seat too for added ride comfort. The braking systems are a lot more advanced too as they are more necessary in order to stop the generation of the power created by the motor.

Whilst the electric scooter will never have a home on the half pipe or been seen at the X Games it’s definitely got a place in the hearts of kids. They make great gifts as well, and Christmas sees a surge in their sales. More importantly they provide accessibility that can help to overcome the physical and emotional traumas of a disability and helps to prevent children being left out of playing outside with their friends.

Engagement Rings and Where to Propose

The Best Place to Get your Partner to Say “Yes”

So they say that diamonds are a girls best friend. It comes to pass that you can become much more than friends if you get one of those diamonds and get it on an engagement ring. Asuming they say yes of course!

There are hundreds of methods and situations that people suggest are perfect for popping the question. The one answer for you though is, whatever you think is right.

So you’re armed with a bunch of flowers, plenty of anti-perspirant and a dazzling engagement ring and what do you do? What’s the perfect scenario for you?

Think romance. Think of your time together. Where have you visited that brings back happy, fond memories? Are you on a dream, once in a lifetime trip that is fulfilling a lifelong wish? Have you returned to the place you first met, a place close to both your hearts (possibly not courtside at a basketball game) and the moment is just perfect?

Then that’s the perfect time.

A Keep Calm and Say Yes tshirt might break the ice of a proposal

Don’t take your sweater off too soon!

Don’t over think it. The chances are that if you’re taking the time to propose that you should know each other pretty well. You’ll hopefully get the answer you deserve and this will be the start of a long and beatiful time in your lives.

Just so you can avoid being a cliche – or perhaps you want to join in these are the top (global) 5 locations for marriage proposals:

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Paris
  3. New York
  4. Italy
  5. Niagra Falls
Niagra falls is a perfect location to propose

Don’t drop the ring in the water!

Now you might have to have a bit of spare money (after shelling out on the asscher cut engagement ring she casually pointed out when passing the jewelery store!) to pull off a great proposal at one of these locations but unless you’re a promiscuous, never happy with what you’ve got, celebrity then you really should only be doing this once!